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Jism 2 smoothens out for its cast and crew!

July 31, 2012
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All seems to be well on most fronts for Jism 2– even with the numerous ups and down the film and its people have gone through.
For starters, the apparent rift between Sunny Leone and director Pooja Bhatt seems to have been sorted, as the actress has decided to come back to Mumbai. The issue was with how Pooja dealt with the actress. The
director is known to be blunt- and that didn’t go down well with Sunny, who left almost immediately after her last shoot back home to the US. She did not want to be part of the promotions of the film. Now, Sunny is back in Mumbai to be part of the promotions, and she got in touch with Pooja as soon as she landed in Mumbai. The Bhatt camp is in Bangalore as of right now, but they said they would be joining Sunny soon.
Moreover a rather surprising and mildly amusing trivia has come up about the Canadian adult-film actress. It seems that before she agreed to start
shooting for Jism 2- which is a bold, sexual film, she emailed Pooja Bhatt, demanding to see the medical certificates of her co-actors, Randeep Hooda
and Arunoday Singh, with whom she will be sharing intimate scenes. She also sent along her own medical certificate. While the usual films she
shoots for may require this norm, it isn’t practiced in Bollywood, Pooja reassured her. How she convinced her, we don’t know- but all was
settled on that front.
Sunny Leone might be the most looked-forward to actors on the Jism 2 front, but there’s no denying that co-star Randeep Hooda does take the ladies’
attention. The actor has come a long way from his time on screen in Monsoon Wedding. From sharing his debut appearance in films with Naseeruddin Shah to being part of his theatre group, Randeep Hooda considers Naseer a mentor and a friend. In the same vein, Randeep says he’s in his best
phase career-wise!
Looks like the cast, crew and hopes with Jism 2, which releases on August 3, are on a high!

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