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Manmohan Shetty

May 21, 2012
Manmohan Shetty is an Indian entrepreneur credited with the setting up and flourishing of Adlabs Films Ltd, one of India’s largest media and entertainment firms which was sold to Anil Ambani’s Reliance in 2007. Adlabs was originally set up as a motion picture film processing laboratory. The company however evolved into one of the biggest media conglomerates and launched India’s first and largest IMAX dome before introducing the culture to India.  Adlabs had close to 100 screens and a market capitalization which was approximately $ 1 billion, when Manmohan Shetty resigned as Chairman in 2008.  Hence he is widely credited with being the pioneer of the multiplex revolution in India. His wealth of experience in the entertainment and media sector is unparalleled.
Manmohan Shetty’s Brainchild – Adlabs Films Ltd:
Manmohan Shetty was born and schooled in Mangalore in Karnataka. He later studied Arts at Mumbai’s Somaya College, and started his career with Adlabs which was established in 1978, catering to India’s growing ad film industry.
The company was initially into processing ad films and later ventured into processing motion pictures. ‘ Masoom,’ a Shekhar Kapoor film was the first motion pictureprocessed by Adlabs. In a few years, it grew from a boutique film processing laboratory for ad films to a major motion picture processing laboratory gaining scale by controlling almost 90% of the Hindi film industry which is the largest film industry in the country. Adlabsintroduced modern technologies and helped enhance the 16mm film to 35 mm. the course of time, it gradually grew into a billion dollar entertainment behemoth. Mr. Shetty always maintained that understanding the Indian consumer is the secret to success and has undoubtedly set the benchmark as high as it can be.
Adlabs won several national awards as best film processing laboratory.
The company went public in the year 2000 and expanded into the film exhibition business.
After its IPO in December 2000, Adlabs went on to become one of India’s leading media companies. It gained significant market share in the multiplex business and plans were broadened with the intention of turning it into a fully integrated entertainment conglomerate.
The Multiplex Revolution
Adlab’s established India’s Imax theatre in Mumbai.The brilliance of the IMAX technology is not only in the gigantic viewing screen, but also the experience that it offers to viewers in movies made complying to the technology.
The IMAX screen offers a 3D effect, by being projected on the insides of the dome-shaped screen.
India’s first IMAX theatre was inaugurated on March 25, 2001, at Wadala, Mumbai. This theatre has a dseating capacity of 520, with the world’s hugest screen measuring 13700 sq. feet. WHen released in 2001, the IMAX projector was the most advanced projection system created. It used the largest film frame in the history of motion pictures. Added to the visual exuberance is 12000 watts of digital wrap-around sound.
This set the ball rolling on a huge multiplex revolution in the country.
Notable ventures
From bringing the multiplex revolution to India to incubating India’s largest film processing house, Manmohan Shetty’s vision and entrepreneurial skills have benefited the entertainment sector at various levels.
He founded India’s first and Asia’s largest IMAX dome theatre and India’s first Digital Cinema venture. He is also Board Advisor to Marvel Entertainment (only representative from Asia prior to Disney takeover).
Mr. Shetty is also Ex-Chairman of National Film Development Corporation.
He has also been associated with various films like Ardhsatya, Chakra, Hip hip Hurray, Aaghat and Holi as a producer.
His production company, Entertainment One, has also produced films like, Gangaajal, Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon, Inteha and Munnabhai MBBS.
 Walkwater Media Ltd.
Walkwater Media Ltd. was established and promoted by Manmohan Shetty in 2007. As an enterprise, it covers the myriad aspects of media and entertainment. Walkwater Media represents a fully-integrated, content-centric business encompassing production across films, television, animation, other media as well as Intellectual Property exploitation.

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