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Veena Malik excommunicated

December 23, 2011

Seems like the spate of controversies haunting Pakistani starlet Veena Malik is not over yet.


Sources claim that the All India Muslim Tyohar (Festivals) Committee has issued a ‘fatwa’ against Malik and excommunicated her. The reasons stated is not just one, but two! One of them is obviously the ‘objectionable’ photographs she shot for FHM, and the second one is that she has embarked on a mission to find herself an Indian groom on national television despite of already being married to a Pakistani man. It seems that complaints over the reality show marriage were accumulating with the Majlis-e-Shura, the 70-member supreme body of the Committee in Bhopal.


“She has made a laughing stock of the community. The social boycott became necessary to stop our community girls from following her example. She has been excommunicated and no member of the community will entertain her from now onwards”, Ausaf Khurram, the chairman of the organization was quoted to have said.

We wonder what else does Veena have in store for herself and for us too! Watch this space for more.


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